Wow flag macro

Often times druids are the most underrated class in vanilla and for good reason. They are the jack of all trades classes so they pay a huge hybrid tax but nonetheless the druid is in my opinion the most fun class from a PvP point of view.

Because of the unparalleled mobility and the great toolbox, a druid excels at flag carrying in WSG which in itself is an exciting task if you play against decent opponents. Big improvements in skill can be achieved with the knowledge of certain jumps in WSG to get a positional advantage against the enemy team.

Those jumps will enhance your flag carrier capabilities big times and are a helluva lot of fun. I did record all the jumps that I know as a form of documentation to prepare myself for the classic launch, but instead of keeping the recordings myself, I thought that it might be good idea to share them with you guys. Before we start I wanna get some things out of the way:. This guide is mainly aimed at druids because for some jumps the movement speed of travel form is needed.

For other classes the speed requirement can be substituted with sprint abilities or swiftness potions. With a repack I was able to host my own server for practice purposes.

All the jumps could be done in vanilla which can be seen in various videos from back in the day. I hope for the best because those jumps contribute to the PvP skill cap of the game. The jumps are all shown in a controlled environment without opponents. Besides learning the jumps themselves you need to be able to keep you composure and be able to land your jumps under pressure.

This will come with practice and experience. Please feel free to add your own jumps in the comments below so we can improve the list together. This is not a place for a discussion about this. I will not show any jumps that let you start the game early jumping over the bars or put you in an completely unreachable spot.

Lastly I wanna apologies for the mediocre video quality. I first recorded the jumps in p only to find out that my upload speed is horrendously slow, so I needed to rerecord the jumps in this quality to be able to upload them in a timely manner to youtube.

Notes: This jump is rather tricky at first but gets more easy with practice. You need to aim your jump so that you land before this crack in the wall. After that you need to fiddle around a bit to get up the last bit because the collision is rather wonky. Little side note: If you have some time before grabbing the flag or while running you can chug some Noggenfogger Elixir to get the slow fall buff to make this jump a helluva lot easier as seen here:.

I love going for this jump to avoid the enemy team. Rule Number 1 for flag carrying: be unpredictable! Video example:. Notes: Not too difficulty of a jump but immensely useful to juke your opponents. Just make sure to practice enough to make the first jump up the pillar and then on top of the lower roof in one fluid motion. Being quick with your movement is key for your survivability. The main obstacle are the two groups of spikes alongside the fence.

The first group can easily jumped over but the second one is a bit difficulty. You need just the right angle and you need to mash jump after your first jump to bypass them in a decently quick manner.Posted on: - Updated on: - viewed times.

Places a marker on the ground for telling people where to go, where to stand or where to not stand in the fire. The following numbers correspond to the different markers. These macros put the neat targeting raid icons above mobs or player's heads. Typically the…. Your email address will not be published.

wow flag macro

Macros are short code scripts that help players combine spells and abilities to perform powerful combos. If you're out of WoW Game Time, click here! All rights reserved. Need help?

wow flag macro

Description: Places a marker on the ground for telling people where to go, where to stand or where to not stand in the fire.

You might also like these related macros: Set raid target icon macros These macros put the neat targeting raid icons above mobs or player's heads. KriS says:. November 20, at am. Druish says:. February 16, at pm.

Idiofyia says:. May 26, at pm. January 16, at pm.

Advanced Macro Guide for Classic WoW. Series; 1/9|DRUID|

Rorhas Sylvanas says:. October 30, at pm. Emil says:. October 25, at pm.

World of Warcraft New Player's Guide: Macros

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Copy the entire text below and paste into a website or blog - won't work on most forums including World of Warcraft fix coming soon. What is a macro? About Us Macro-WoW. Privacy Policy.The PvP flag indicates whether or not you can engage or be engaged in PvP combat by a player of an opposing faction.

If it is up, you are open for combat against the opposite faction. If it is not, you cannot be attacked by a player of an opposing faction. The PvP flag can be seen in the top corner of the screen next to your players portrait. You may see or next to your portrait depending on your faction. If the icon appears, then your flag is up. If it does not, your flag is down. If your flag is temporary, the time that it will be up, will be displayed.

That is, as long as you are not in contested territoriesnot in PvP combat, and not having quests in your log that flags you for PvP. PvP flag timers of other players are not displayed. If you use any mods that change your unit frames your portrait, your target, and your party membersyou may see that your name changes color according to your PvP flag status.

Generally, your name and others' names will show as blue if the PvP flag is down, and green if it is up. Whatever the reason for flagging was, there is a five-minute delay to pulling down your PvP flag, after which you will return to normal PvE mode without fear of those of the opposite faction. The exception is FFA flag which is removed in just a few seconds. Your flag timer continues to run even if you die although getting ganked counts as PvP activity, and resets it to five minutesso if you're tricked into turning on your PvP or otherwise engage in PvP combat with the other faction in friendly territory, and die, you can wait the five minutes while dead, so you can resurrect without your PvP flag up.

Other solutions include taking a ride on a flight path on PvP servers this must be a flight to friendly territoryor entering a sanctuary. Doing so will also automatically remove the PvP flag if it is up. To help a player determine the status of players quickly, Blizzard has set a color scheme to make this obvious:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. ArenasOutdoor arenas.Log in or Sign up. Share This Page Tweet. Tags: classic wow druid guide author macros.

Aug 30, 1. Messages: Likes Received: Trophy Points: After placing the macro you can reference it in other macros with the following: 1 Code:. Last edited: Aug 31, Informative x 6 Like x 4. DevzxjeAug 30, Oct 24, 2. Messages: 27 Likes Received: 9 Trophy Points: 3. This is amazing! If you have anymore please update. Just hit 60 on my Druid and these are exactly what I was looking for! Like x 1. NewdocOct 24, Oct 24, 3. DevzxjeOct 24, Dec 13, 4.

Messages: 1 Likes Received: 1 Trophy Points: 1. Muchas gracias! Good afternoon, would someone know how to tell me what the macro is to take an object from the inventory and leave it in my backpack without having to equip anything in return?

XeocatoDec 13, Dec 13, 5. DevzxjeDec 13, Jan 7, 6. Messages: 2, Likes Received: Trophy Points:Raid world markers also called raid markers or raid beacons are used by raid leaders to mark locations on the battlefield. They appear as a cylinder of colored light topped by a symbol that players will recognize from the target markers set.

Unlike target markers, raid world markers are not available to individual players. They are available during raids via the raid functions panel in the default UI. In a raid, markers can only be placed by the raid leader or raid assistants.

Players using the default raid interface must open up the pop-out raid settings panel and look for the flag icon. Clicking that button pops up a menu of symbols. Selecting a symbol activates a tiny AoE symbol on the player's cursor that enables him to target a section of floor and click to place the beacon.

Beacons are usually used to designate places for specific groups or players to stand, or where to place a monster. Use of the raid world markers through the default raid interface or AddOns can sometimes trigger an AddOn data tainting error dialog and prevent the player from placing any beacons. It might be a flaw in Blizzard's data tainting system, or it could be bad behavior by widely-used AddOns. This can be used by players to sequentially place all five markers will loop after that - or clear all if the shift key is held.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article or section is a User Interface stub. You can help expand it by editing it. You might want to import some information from an interface site - see Fansites for listings.

If this is an addon-related page, please see WoWWiki:Addon pages for guidelines. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Many spells were renamed and much of the scripted command functionality has been modified. In an effort to keep WoWWiki posts relevant please re-validate and re-post macros that work in the current version. When re-creating a macro in Useful macros please:. Press to cast ice block, hold shift to cast and remove it good for PvP and PvE for when you need to remove debuffs.

There are many "one-click teleport" macros out there, but they often only feature some of a mage's possible destinations. This one can travel to all seven destinations adjust for faction or destination preference :. This macro is good for start-up as it allows initial buffs, and the conjuring of food and water; or it will consume both food and water with a single click.

If you left-click on it, or click on it with a keyboard hotkey, it goes through a sequence which will give the intellect buff, and molten armor - feel free to change that to which ever armor you prefer - followed by conjure water and food.

By putting the buffs first, when they run out and you are not out of food, you can simply left click on it twice to renew your buffs. I used to have gem conjuration in the sequence as well, but since they no longer vanish and throw an error if you try to conjure one when you still have one, I thought they did not belong here anymore.

If you right click on it, you will sit, eat, and drink, in one click. By setting showtooltip to the food - change it to which ever food you conjure - you will see a big red? At the lower levels you tend to summon 2 more waters than foods, but if you always eat and drink together, it is unlikely that you will run out of water before you run out of food, and excess waters can easily be thrown away; or they will vanish on their own when you log out.

Same as above but with more finite control. Shift-click to conjure your water and food. This is a very useful 1 button mounting macro to all map areas on 4. Important note! If you are targetting any other friendly player, slow fall will be cast to that player instead of yourself and you will take falling damage! Remember, always be stocked up on Light Feathers or get the Glyph Glyph of Slow Fallor you might end up falling to your death.


This macro works fine on any other class also. Only Slow Fall option is not working and you can delete last row to avoid error frame text on screen. This macro sets your focus to the targeted friendly player or sets focus on the alive, non-friendly target that you intend to sheep.

The macro also removes any current raid marker from your target and sets a moon raid marker on it. The macro also informs others of which target you intend to Polymorph by means of an emote.

Use this macro together with the "Setting Focus" macro or if you already have an enemy in focus to make this macro work.

When you are not in combat, this macro simply casts Polymorph on your hostile focus. During combat you can tell from your focus if the enemy is still polymorphed, so when the timer is running out or someone broke the CC you can simply press your keybind in order to stop casting your current spell, cast Presence of Mind to make Polymorph instant and then cast it, all with just one press of a button.My Account.

Vanilla WoW Druid Macros

Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 17 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: flag return macro, is there such a thing? I have been trying to work on the flag return achieves in WSG and TP on my Hunter, and notice the same people beating me to flags dropped flags over and over.

They do it so fast, even from a distance it has me thinking maybe there is a target flag and and right click macro I don't know about. Is there? Reply With Quote. Modern gaming mice have the ability to bind mouse buttons to macros that spam click a button while you hold it down.

wow flag macro

It could be that people have a button on their mouse bound to "interact with mouse-over" so they can just hold a button with their cursor in the general area and it'll spam click it.

You have no real in-game options available to you. That said, it seems more likely that they just have better latency than you do, or they're better at targeting. Originally Posted by Cobaltius. I just predict where it's going to drop and go korean with the mouse clicking. Originally Posted by solvexx.

If you bind the interact with target keybind to a mouse button you just need to mouse over the flag to return it while spamming it.

Not against ToS, in fact there were blue posts suggesting to use the interact with target in their Keybinds section at the start of Cata. Originally Posted by aarjun. Blues had posted about this to circumvent the fact that people on their mounts were camping quest NPCs on the launch day. Last edited by solvexx; at AM. Last edited by a21fa7c67f26f6d49a20c2c51; at PM. Originally Posted by evn. You missed the meaning of my post.

It wasn't that they put "intereact with mouse over on the target" but that they used mouse driver software or keyboard software like Razer's Synapse or Logitech's SetPoint to have that button "click" their interact with mouse bind times per second.

At best you're going to be able to click a mouse button 3 or 4 times a second. Fewer if it's an awkward button, which you'd probably want because "easy to press" buttons are better used for more important abilities.

Using software to convert one physical button press into several hundred in-game button presses is what's against the rules. Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart.

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