Open dcp vs dcp-o-matic

Creating a DCP Digital Cinema Package for cinema and digital distribution of your feature film, short or trailer is now easier than ever.

Yes you can do it yourself, but should you? The final part of this post is five pieces of essential wisdom on DCP creation, so be sure to scroll to the bottom! These previous posts are from and ! For a much more helpful read check out the detailed Wikipedia entry on DCPs here.

Since the complex encryption keys are linked not only to the theater but the individual projectors, one wrong number or a sudden change in venue can dismantle an entire screening, sending festival staff scrambling and filmmakers into a nervous breakdown.

The whole thing is well worth a read. What you need to know going into this is that:. Making DCPs? Alex4D April 24, Charles Haine shares his wisdom on creating a DCP, remarking that:.

Charles says it took him four times to get his DCP correct and after renting the cinema four times he could have spent less on paying a professional DCP company to make it for him.

There seem to be a lot of sites that offer this service, so definitely check out to compare prices and reviews. These days you can get your hands on a lot of different tools for creating, reviewing and sharing your DCP. Here is a quick list of some of the paid and free options available today. If you want a forum thread with a bunch of colorists from around the world discussing various DCP options, check out this LiftGammaGain thread. The desire was to edit while looking at proper color space rather that the rather greenish look of XYZ, especially when working with producers and directors.

Endcrawl has a useful post on the correct frame sizes for post production and finishing here. This is very bad kung fu. There is a helpful and very accessible user guide to help you get started with DCP-Transfer here. Download DCP Transfer.You can use it to make content for playback on DCI-compliant cinema projectors. Commits 9 hours ago Remove unused variables.

Do let me know if that would cause you problems. I'd be very grateful to hear about how you get on if you try it! It's that time of year again when I try to work out if anybody is using DCP-o-matic on a macOS version earlier than the release of Mavericks If nobody needs it I may take the opportunity of the forthcoming 2. Download it from here. This release fixes: Image distortions when cropping subsampled YUV video sources in some cases Strange appearance of random strangely-coloured frames, usually right at the end of DCPs.

Failure to load some content files mostly MP4, but perhaps others. Crashes when starting the player with Ubuntu It also adds a package for Fedora This release adds a package for Ubuntu This release fixes two bugs: A crash with some rare soundtracks.

Attempts to create films with empty names are now blocked so that they don't cause uncaught exception errors.

open dcp vs dcp-o-matic

The whole course is now available for free, after registering. Older news.DCP-o-matic 2. There are many paid applications that let you create DCPs but DCP-o-matic is a free application that has the necessary tools to make you forget about other paid solutions What's great about DCP-o-matic is that it's completely open-source and community-powered which makes it even more appealing for users. The application allows you to create DCPs using videos, images, subtitles and sound files that can be played on even the high-end cinema projectors.

The application works on all major OSes with little to no compatibility issues. If you're looking for a great DCP creator that's freeware, open-source with a large community behind it and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, don't look back, DCP-o-matic is the best freeware software for this task. License: Freeware. Updated: Dec 15, Download DCP-o-matic.

FFmpeg 4. PlayOn 4. Soft4Boost TV Recorder 6. Total Video Converter For Mac 4. ECTcamera 2. User Rating. View all screenshots 1.

open dcp vs dcp-o-matic

Featured Apps Monkey's Audio 5. K-Lite Codec Pack Mega How to Edit Videos on a Mac using iMovie. How to buy Bitcoin BTC. Latest Updates Latest Software. Guides Top 50 Downloads. Get the latest software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Contact About Us Privacy Policy.DCP-o-matic users' manual.

Carl Hetherington. Table of Contents 1. Introduction What is DCP-o-matic? Licence Acknowledgements This manual 2. Creating a DCP from a still image 5. DCP settings Reels Show audio 8. Templates 9. Export Encryption overview Generated files Loose ends Resuming encodes Playing and verifying DCPs Configuration files.

List of Figures 3. Creating a new film 3. Dialogue box for creating a new film 3. Adding content files 3. Selecting a video content file 3. Examining the content 3. Making the DCP 4. Dialogue box for creating a new film 4.

Selecting a still content file 4. The timing tab 5. Creating a new DCP by copying an existing one 5. Creating a new DCP by referring to an existing one 6. Video settings tab 6. Filters selector 6. Dialogue box for custom colour conversion 6. Audio settings tab 6.Active topics Unanswered topics.

You must login or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed. If so, is there anything we should be aware of whether on the tiff seq creation or the Jpeg conversion to make sure that we keep the color space intact through the process?

Second, regarding the XML that Open DCP generates, there seem to be somme difference from what Clipster is generating and I was wondering if those differences could create some issues. I'll give you some example here, but if you want, I can send both cloisters and open DCP xmld so you can take a look. My question is, are those difference irrelevant or could they be causing some issues on servers ex: Doremi.

You'd need to create the same package type in both applications to compare them. But I still have the same disparity as before.

open dcp vs dcp-o-matic

Could this cause issues? Changing the title does not change type of package. And this is still in the Digital signature. Index User list Search Register Login.

DCP-o-matic 2.14.47

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How To Make a DCP For Film Festival Projection

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open dcp vs dcp-o-matic

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Converting a video to a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for movie theaters

He also drinks way too much tea. Download a FREE 40-minute tutorial from Matthew Weiss on mixing low end.

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